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A small business’s success depends on the commitment, perseverance, and good leadership of the management. Knowing the needs of the customers is also critical, as well as providing excellent customer service. One of the most neglected factors in the success of any business is the issue of employees. Many business owners believe that customers come first for an enterprise to do great. However, the truth is that employees should come first before even thinking about the clients. Two reasons why having a happy team of employees is essential for any organization to include the following:

Employees Represent the Brand of the Organization
Since business owners can’t do all the work, employees represent the face of the company. Employees deal with various roles, such as welcoming clients, answering phone calls, and selling products.

Workers act as a link between the management and customers
Managers and chief executing officers know the needs of the clients through the employees. Employees provide feedback to business owners concerning their products. Testing a new product in the market requires the support of the employees. Business owners should strive to ensure that their employees are happy. The cost of losing a valuable employee in an organization may affect the performance of a business entity. Motivated employees can serve their clients well and improve productivity. Some of the strategies that managers can use to motivate their employees to include the following:

Rewarding Excellent Workers
Companies should formulate policies that look into their employees’ welfare by incorporating motivating awards such as the Employee of the Year Award. Good workers should be valued by also giving them off days. Off days help employees to identify the balance between their social life and work.

Staff Promotion
Companies and small businesses should provide employees with opportunities for growth within the organization. Staff promotion is one of the most effective methods of promoting a hard work culture within an organization. 

Training Employees
Organizations and small businesses should also invest in training their employees to equip them with the necessary skills to run their businesses. Trained employees can help an organization solve complex issues that may affect the running of a company. Employees should also be given platforms to express themselves and give opinions regarding the running of the organization.