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Every successful entrepreneur has failed at least once, and most have failed multiple times. While failure never feels good, it’s an important part of success because it benefits us in several different ways. Someone who has failed and has not given up has learned to be determined and resilient in pursuing their dreams. Here are more reasons entrepreneurs are strengthened through failure.

It’s a Common Experience
From the moment you start on the path to entrepreneurship, you should expect to experience failure at some point. This is because everyone fails, and there’s no easy way around it. However, if you admit that you will fail at some point, the experience won’t feel as humiliating or devastating. You’ll be better prepared to pick yourself back up and start again.

Failure Leads to Growth
Every failure is an opportunity to learn something new. When you experience a failure, the best thing you can do is analyze the situation to determine why you failed. This will help you learn from the experience so you can avoid making the same mistakes again. Even if you fail multiple times, looking for a lesson to be learned from each experience will better prepare you for your next attempt. Eventually, you will have made all of the mistakes you’re going to make, and you’ll be back on track for success.

Your Resolve Will Strengthen
After you’ve experienced a few different failures, the sting of embarrassment will be gone. Instead, you’ll recognize the situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. In addition to learning to avoid the same mistakes, you’ll also learn that you’re stronger than you assumed. You’ll see that you can overcome adversity in any situation. The misgivings of others will no longer matter to you because you’ll no longer be afraid of failure. Instead, you’ll know that you can succeed as long as you don’t give up.

Failure never feels good, but you can’t let that keep you from pursuing your dreams. Even the most humiliating failure will have something to teach you as long as you’re willing to embrace it as a learning experience. Your next attempt may not be the one that leads you to success, but at least you won’t make the same mistake twice.