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World governments, seeking to build their economies, have a dire need to support entrepreneurs in their individual pursuit of innovation. 

From tax cuts to assistance programs, every country has to help their entrepreneurs discover the solutions that their economies need. Businesses are only successful when they provide solutions for the challenges consumers live with, and entrepreneurs are the agents that invest their lives in inventing solutions. 

New technology, refined processes, and lower costs are the standards that entrepreneurs set within society—along with these:

Yearly Growth in Innovation
Businesses that keep their products and marketing consistent can make money, but they’re not going to grow larger. Entrepreneurs are keen on finding ways to enhance the innovations that we’re already using. The steady growth of innovation, therefore, isn’t the result of businessmen, for it is the result of entrepreneurship.

Strengthening Economies
Entrepreneurs help economies by creating solutions that incentivize consumers to spend. Cashflow is what makes an economy effective. When money moves, from employers to employees and then businesses, everyone involved in an economy has a financial opportunity. The innovations of entrepreneurs can even create jobs. 

Business and Process Modeling
How we do business as a society is dependent on the ideas that entrepreneurs implement in the world. If steel companies, for example, find an investor who knows how to speed steel refining, those steel companies will adopt his innovation. 

Questioning What We Know
Apart from the business market, entrepreneurs help society to reconsider what it accepts as common knowledge. Businesses that can humble themselves to see their industries from “refreshed eyes” have a greater chance to innovate. The challenge that companies have when questioning their own futures is in finding the right entrepreneurial mind who knows what to ask and how to then find the answers.

Entrepreneurs are the inspiration behind the innovations we use every day. World governments, alone, can’t wholly provide society with the innovations it needs, so incentives are given in the business world that empowers entrepreneurs instead. The ideas of innovators are what shape our world. Our progress as a society comes from brave men and women willing to take risks in their pursuit of innovation.