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UHaul®, Public Storage, CubeSmart® Self Storage, and ExtraSpace® Storage are the four largest self-storage companies. Choosing the best company for your needs depends on what features are most important to you. Here are four areas to consider when choosing between facilities run by these companies.

Climate-Controlled Units
If you have antiques, artwork, important documents, electronics, photographs, and other items that need to be stored in climate-controlled units, you can find these options at all four of the top self-storage companies. Climate control includes appropriate humidity levels and temperatures inside the units, as well as extra protection against dust and water damage. When you are choosing a facility for climate-controlled self-storage, be sure to inquire about pest protection as well. The ideal temperatures and humidity levels often attract pests, so you want to make sure that the units are sealed properly.

Gate access is standard across Uhaul®, Public Storage, CubeSmart® Self Storage, and ExtraSpace® Storage, but sometimes criminals can go over the fences and gates to break into units and steal small items. Video surveillance offers an additional layer of security, and UHaul®, ExtraSpace® Storage, and CubeSmart® Self Storage equip all of their facilities with video security cameras and monitoring.

Most people choose a self-storage unit based on how much space they can afford rather than how much space they need to properly store their items. Of the top four self-storage companies, Public Storage excels in the area of affordable units. Their unit rents are typically lower than the other three companies, and they offer specials, such as discounts for booking online and low-cost first month for long-term storage.

Options for Unit Size
You not only want your items to fit easily into the unit, but you also need easy access should you need to access some of your items. A nice selection of unit sizes gives you several options for storing your belongings. CubeSmart® Self Storage has units in almost every configuration, from large units for recreational vehicles to small units for the boxes you have stored in your garage or attic. The company offers a free first month, as well as discounts on specific unit sizes.