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The current pandemic has created a climate of confusion for everyone, and while the rest of the world anxiously awaits guidance, many leaders are being challenged to step in and lead the charge on a virtual basis. If you are one of the many brave souls who have found trouble managing a remote team during these uncertain times, here are a few tips to help you along your way.

Be Prepared For Home-Life Distractions

Not everyone has a sound home life or the option of retreating to a quiet spot to complete their work duties, so try to show empathy for the occasional distraction. Accommodate your employees as they step away to soothe a fussy baby or as they tend to an important home matter. However, if these distractions become frequent or seem to be causing a productivity lapse, try having a one-on-one chat to both remind the employee of their obligations and to see if you can offer further support.

Prioritize Communication

There is nothing worse than being met with a pressing matter and having no one within reach to guide you. This is why remaining accessible and communicating with your team on a regular basis is paramount. Fill any communication gaps by sending out weekly memos to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and never hesitate to directly reach out to a team member when necessary.

Encourage Collaboration

While some people might thrive when working on an individual basis, others might feel jaded as a result of the isolation. So, if possible, push for group projects, conduct weekly video chats, and encourage employees to reach out to their peers in order to solidify a greater sense of unity.

Be Willing to Change Courses

As you strive to find your grove, change is something that you will have to continue to embrace. So, now is a good time to examine your internal measures and throw out what is no longer working in exchange for strategies that are more suitable for your remote journey.

Above all else, don’t be so hard on yourself. No one has all of the answers, especially not right now. View all upcoming challenges as opportunities to both expand your knowledge and strengthen your ability to lead.