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As the workforce needs in our society take on drastic changes, many people are considering alternate sources of income. If becoming an entrepreneur is something you have been considering, you may be worried that you won’t succeed in your endeavors. While success can’t be guaranteed, it’s more likely when you have the following traits that all entrepreneurs seem to share.

You’re Constantly Setting New Goals
If you’re the type of person who consistently sets new challenges for yourself, entrepreneurship may be a good way to go. The most successful entrepreneurs are consistently setting the bar higher, so each new achievement is more impressive than their previous victories.

You Prefer the Leadership Role
One reason most people go into business for themselves is that they like to be the boss. If you feel more comfortable in a leadership role and have a talent for inspiring others, entrepreneurship will give you rewarding experiences. It will offer you the opportunity to bring your team together in working towards your goals for your business.

You’re Not Afraid of Risks
In any type of endeavor, there are two types of risks. Bad risks are those that are taken without doing the proper research and may be higher than the potential reward. This often leads to failure and economic loss. However, if you like to do the proper research and know-how to evaluate a good risk, you’ll be more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur. Risk can never be completely eliminated, but knowing how to measure risk will work in your favor.

You Act Instead of React
When you anticipate a problem, do you wait for it to unfold and react to it? If the answer is no, you may have the characteristics of a good entrepreneur. Launching your own startup business will have its fair share of challenges and problems, but if you can anticipate them and develop a proactive plan for addressing them, you’ll find it easier to sidestep bigger issues. 

These are just a few common characteristics that all good entrepreneurs share. If you possess some of these traits, or if you think you can develop them with practice, you may be well-suited for entrepreneurship. For many ambitious and creative people, it’s a risk worth taking.