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An entrepreneur is a word derived from a French word meaning to undertake with the ending -eur as an agent of this undertaking. Simply put, this word defines a person who undertakes a new business venture. This person has a strategic mindset, people management skills, self-confidence, and perseverance. Willing to take on risks, this person reaps most of the venture’s rewards if successful. As an innovator, an entrepreneur is a creative person with new concepts, business procedures, services, and goods. Famous entrepreneurs in American history have names recognized by many, such as Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, J.D.Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney. 

Today, there are entrepreneurs’ names that are also very recognizable. Here are 10 of the top entrepreneurs of today:

Bill Gates
The name of Bill Gates has long been associated with computers. He is credited with being one of those who brought the computing industry to people’s homes with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. In Microsoft’s earlier years, he donated many schools’ first computers. 

Jeff Bezos
Founder and CEO of Amazon, the e-commerce giant, Jeff Bezos, is at the top of the wealthiest entrepreneurs’ list.

Warren Buffet
With a net worth of $82 billion, Warren Buffet owns more than 60 companies, including Benjamin Moore, Duracell, Geico, and NetJet, a jet rental company that permits corporate clients to avoid the maintenance and upkeep of personal jets.

Mark Zuckerberg
Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire. Facebook has recently acquired messenger and social network apps named WhatsApp and Instagram. Generously, Mr. Zuckerberg has made a pledge of 99% of his Facebook holdings to charity. 

Michael Bloomberg
Co-founder & CEO of the media giant Bloomberg, Michael Rubens Bloomberg, founded a financial data service firm. Today, Bloomberg Philanthropies is working to speed the coronavirus’s response in middle and lower-income countries worldwide. It is also working with John Hopkins in the exploration of potential treatments for saving lives.

Larry Page
Larry Page is the co-founder and CEO of Alphabet, Inc., Google’s holding company. Google has popular digital services such as Maps, Drive, Cloud, Gmail, and YouTube.

Carlos Slim Helu
Helu owns Mexico’s largest mobile telecom company and has a net worth of $64 billion. He also is invested in other areas such as consumer goods, construction, mining, and real estate.

Bernard Arnault
CEO and chairman of LVMH, a fashion conglomerate with more than 70 brands, Mr. Arnault is the owner of the largest luxury-goods company globally. Bernard Arnault has a net worth of $76 billion and is the wealthiest person in Europe.