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Throughout the United States, more Americans are turning to self storage companies to keep their personal belongings safe. The self storage industry has seen significant growth since its inception in the late 1960s, and is expected to continue growing in the future. To get a better understanding of self storage and its impact on today’s economy, let’s take a deeper look at how the self storage industry works. 

Self Storage Demand
Throughout the last few years, the self storage industry has continued to see a demand for their products, both in healthy and difficult economic times. For example, when the economy is seeing a dip in the market, it is common for Americans to downgrade the size of their home, in an effort to save money. In order to keep their extra belongings, Americans have turned to storage units to house their remaining items until they are able to move back into a larger home. 

On the other hand, self storage has become more useful for Americans who need to keep seasonal supplies safe. On the east coast, for example, many Americans utilize large lawnmowers or snowblowers to maintain their properties. When they are not needed, self storage units can be used to keep them safe, without compromising room at their home.

Storage Unit Types
Because storage units are often used for a variety of purposes, most companies offer a variety of options for the units. For example, some places offer either indoor or outdoor units, depending on what is being stored. Additionally, customers can choose for extra options, which can include renting an air-conditioned unit. This would be helpful when storing items that are affected by temperatures, including artwork. Other extra features include vehicle storage, 24-hour access, and street-level storage, which is used for those who frequently visit their units.

Self storage units provide a service that will only become increasingly important in the future. Understanding how self storage works can not only help potential customers determine what type of unit they want, but it can also help potential investors make informed decisions.