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Throughout the United States, the need for self storage spaces continues to become more important for a variety of reasons. Because of its increasing demand, more self storage companies are constantly being created to meet the need. To ensure that the companies and professionals in the self storage industry are properly represented, the Self Storage Association of America was created. 

What Is The Self Storage Association Of America?
The Self Storage Association of America (SSA) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that was originally created in 1975. The SSA was created as a way to not only represent the best interests of both self-storage companies and professionals but to increase awareness of self storage around the country. This helps further the industry’s visibility within the professional sector on higher levels. The SSA has affiliations with 40 states throughout the United States and works with nine international self storage organizations as well, showing their substantial reach.

Why Is Their Work Important For The Self Storage Industry?
The SSA has been an integral part of the self storage industry since its inception for many reasons. In addition to raising awareness, the organization has been involved in helping a number of laws that provide additional protection for those in the self storage industry. According to the data from the SSA, they were able to help ensure laws about a number of issues, including tenant insurance, reasonable late fees, and how to deal with abandoned storage units. 

Education & Training
Because the self storage industry is often considered a unique area to focus on in one’s career, additional focus has been put on education and training. To help professionals within the self storage industry achieve long-term success, the SSA holds a number of education and training programs throughout the year. Professionals can learn more about important trends and hear from industry leaders at the SSA’s two national annual events. For those who are interested in ongoing training programs within the self storage industry, the SSA offers education and employee training programs throughout the year as well.

While this is some of the work that the Self Storage Association of America does to help the self storage industry, their impact goes much further. To learn more about the Self Storage Association of America, make sure to visit their website at