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The sad truth is there are those out there that prey on others during times of travesty, and this is no different for businesses. It is essential to always have a watchful eye, especially during vulnerable times. Some important tips can help you veer away from harmful cyber predators and their evil scams, and they are discussed below.

Go Directly To The Source For Financial Relief
Go directly to the source for financial relief. Any government or financial relief should be handled directly with the cause, not an unknown third party. Official government websites will often end in .gov. Don’t share your information with unknown sources or unfamiliar third parties. It is important to cross-reference any emails or information you receive with information from the official website.

Limit The Number Of Employees Involved With Financial Authorizations
Reducing the number of employees authorized to confirm business transactions will help secure information from being easily hacked into or stolen. It is important to ensure that all financial transactions are verified by a second party within the business. Finally, it would be beneficial to consider using teleconferencing to ensure transactions are being authorized and confirmed by an appropriate staff member.

Stay Up To Date On The Latest Cyber Scams
It is essential to keep track of cyber scams that have been reported by different businesses and individuals. Several valid websites can keep businesses updated on new cyber scams. It is also important for senior staff members to keep other staff updated and trained on the latest information that is being released. Training staff to analyze URL destinations by hovering over them before clicking on them is an example of how to keep employees in the loop.

Establish Proper Online Security
It is important to have trustworthy, online security and protection measures that include backing-up business and personal information, using a two-factor authentication process for computer apps and programs, and maintaining identity theft software for businesses. A common method cyber thieves use is through business email compromise. Therefore it is important to have stringent email security measures put in place.

It is important to maintain your business’s cyber integrity through the coronavirus outbreak and beyond by maintaining stellar security measures, staying informed, and ensuring that your employees are consistently up to date on these security measures.