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The first quarter of 2021 has already come and gone. But for entrepreneurs who are looking for business advice to navigate the rest of a year still fraught with uncertainties created by the pandemic, there are some excellent reads out there to bolster your business knowledge base.

 Here are three key books to pick up right now:

Speak and Get Results

Yes, this book penned by Sandy Linver was published way back in 1994. However, it’s well suited to business folks today who need help surviving what is still the “pandemic economy” of 2021.

This book offers superb tips for speaking in a way that motivates listeners to help you bring about the result you want to achieve. Liver lays it out in a simple formula that’s an easy step-by-step process to follow and implement. 

Why is this especially relevant now? Well, how many Zoom meetings and conferences have you attended in the past year? The tips in this book are powerful tools for getting yourself heard and understood in a social distancing and remote-work milieu.

The Creative Habit

The pandemic environment has required new entrepreneurs and established businesses alike to become more creative than ever. Doing so has been a matter of survival for thousands of owners and managers.

This book by Twyla Tharp shows how business-minded people can switch from “numbers thinking” to “novelty thinking.” Tharp is actually a hugely successful artist and choreographer, but her book has been embraced by business folks because of the way it helps them gain a new perspective on their daily business duties

The Creative Habit includes 32 practical exercises that show how anyone can clear “mental clutter” so that the mind can open to creativity.

This is Marketing

Marketing guru Seth Godin argues in these pages that effective marketing is not about being slick, flashy, and spending a lot of money. It’s about focusing on the way your product solves a problem and then drilling down on that.

Godin delivers excellent methods for finding target markets, building trust with the people in that demographic, and then forming a long-term relationship with them. 

Again, the effect of the pandemic has been to create whole new categories of problems for millions of people. That’s why Seth Godin’s approach to marketing makes it a remarkably relevant read for 2021.